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Project Documents

Second Gymnasium Details
  • Located on the south side of the Elementary School

  • Addition of approximately 13,000 sq. ft. of floor space to the Elementary School

  • 8,000 sq. ft. wood floor for physical education, volleyball, and basketball

  • Girls and boys locker rooms, both with showers and bathrooms

  • Bleacher seating, that can be expanded for 250

  • Lobby with concessions and bathrooms

  • Office for the physical education instructor

  • Storage area for PE equipment and athletic equipment

Our Need

The current gym/multipurpose room is too small to accommodate our elementary student population.

  • Students can spread out easier in a full-size gymnasium.

  • Allows for more space for support and special education staff to work in small groups in 1:1.

  • ESP would have an additional area to spread out activities.

The current gym/multipurpose space is also used as a lunchroom for the elementary students, disrupting PE and recess time.

  • The room is used for lunch two hours every day, taking away time it can be used for other activities such as recess or PE.

  • Possible safety issue with food still on the floor when afternoon PE classes start.

  • A new gymnasium would provide elementary students with a place for noon recess when the weather is unfit to go outside.

A new gymnasium would allow more opportunities for extracurricular activities and provided the needed space for athletic teams and special events.

  • A new gymnasium would provide additional space for music concerts, drama productions, athletic practices (volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track and baseball in the spring).

  • Students would not have to participate in early morning practices.

  • This addition would be used to student assemblies, ND State Assessments, and other similar events.


Why Now?

The School District would have the opportunity to save on cost for the gymnasium addition.

  • With ESSER funds coming from the federal government, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build this gymnasium at a reduced cost.

  • Current interest rates are at historical lows, which means the school pays less in interest and more towards the actual project.

What will the gymnasium look like?


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