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Focus Group Announcement

Do You Have A Passion For The Maple Valley School District?

Give your input in any of the upcoming focus groups!

Focus Group meetings are purely listening sessions, designed to share ideas and understand what the Community is thinking. Each run about 60 minutes, are primarily brainstorming, and including time at the end to “vote” on the best ideas. We are offering them several different days of the week, times of the day, and at different locations. The idea is to get input from a broad section of the community. Please attend only one session.

Focus Group schedule:

Monday, March 28
12:00 Buffalo Senior Citizen's meal
7:00 Buffalo Community Club

Wednesday, March 30
12:00 Tower City Senior Citizen's meal
3:30 School Staff and parents
7:00 Tower City School

Tuesday, April 5
5:00 Fingal City Hall
7:00 Oriska School

The full results will be shared with the school board at the regular April meeting and are to be used to guide our school toward what’s really important. Contact Mr. Wolf at 749-2570 or email if you have any questions.

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Capital Improvement Focus Group Report

As we move towards the future of our Maple Valley School District, our first priority is listening to the Community. Our recent Focus Group listening sessions included 90 people in 5 separate meetings, plus brief visits with our friends at the Senior Centers in Buffalo and Tower City.


Facility Assessment

Full reposts on the current state and any deficiencies of Maple Valley's buildings completed by ICON Architectural Group and KFI Engineers:

Buffalo School

Oriska School

Tower City School


Citizens Committee

A Citizens Committee has been formed at the School Board’s request, a group that is representative of the entire community the school district serves. The goal of the committee is to get a balanced perspective of the challenges that are facing the school district and to address concerns set forth by the community. The group will ask tough questions, and provide recommendations to the School Board that will ensure a positive future for our School District.

Please let us know your thoughts.

Citizens Committee:

Vicki Wendt

Scott Kohler

Paul Tinjum

Meridee Erickson-Stowman

Kathy Walburn

Joey Bata

Jessica Theurer

Gil Schnase

Colleen Dimmer

Franklin Peterson

Cathy Janish

Brian Wolf

Mike Nygaard

Jay Kocka

Maple Valley Public School 01.jpg

Building Project

Educational and Community Benefits

  • Brings our students and staff together

  • Will serve this and future generations

  • Improved access to technology

  • Allows training of “real world” skills

  • Purpose built classrooms for 21st Century learning


  • Multi-purpose areas make better use of space

  • One facility saves 27,000 square feet

  • Serves our handicapped and special needs students

  • Less wasted time for students/teachers –travel, etc.


Financial Benefits

  • Invest $$ towards our future vs. maintaining older

  • buildings

  • Save at least $132,000 per year in operational costs

  • Bond interest rates are at 30 year lows

  • State low interest (2%) loan is available

  • Construction costs likely to rise, are competitive now

Resolution Document 1

Resolution Document 2

Resolution Document 3

Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions




Maple Valley School District decided to consolidate two elementary schools into one addition to the existing high school and chose ICON to lead the project. The project includes a new K-6 elementary addition to the high school, a new library, a new kitchen, and a new commons area. An upgraded fire sprinkler system was also installed throughout the building. The decision to consolidate generated improved efficiencies and significantly decreased operational costs, so much that these savings will pay for the project itself over time. 

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