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Beulah High School Addition and Renovation

Due to outdated facilities and deferred maintenance needs, the Beulah School District hired ICON to explore potential addition and renovation options for the High School Building to enhance student learning opportunities. After the successful passing of a bond referendum in early 2020, we were able to move forward with design.


Hatton Eielson Public School Addition and Renovation

Hatton Public School in Hatton, North Dakota needed updates due to aging facilities and deficient learning spaces. About half of the building was approximately 100 years old. Problems that the existing building faced due to outdated facilities included: lack of adequate space to accommodate multiple programs/functions; shortage of physical education, assembly, and community fitness space; indoor air quality and lighting; and inaccessibility for special education students.


Wilton Public School Facility Study

ICON was hired to assess the conditions of the existing school in Wilton, North Dakota and explore potential options for resolution of facility issues and constraints.

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Cavalier Public School Addition and Renovation Facility Study

Due to outdated facilities and capital maintenance needs, ICON has been hired to explore possible renovation and addition options for Cavalier Public School. The proposed project includes demolition and replacement of the 1937 portion of the building which serves as the high school, a new elementary entrance, a commons space to be used by both the school and the community and upgraded locker room space.

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Maple Valley Public School Addition and Renovation

Maple Valley School District decided to consolidate two elementary schools into one addition to the existing high school and chose ICON to lead the project. The project includes a new K-6 elementary addition to the high school, a new library, a new kitchen, and a new commons area. An upgraded fire sprinkler system was also installed throughout the building.

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Emerado K-8 School Addition and Renovation

Emerado is a farming and military community near the Grand Forks Air Force base. With an anticipated increase in enrollment due to the Grand Sky Mission at the Air Force base, Emerado elementary school was running out of space. The project added a Pre-K classroom, a music room, and a student drop-off lane. ICON also renovated four existing classrooms and the restrooms.


Northwood Public School Addition

Due to increasing enrollment, Northwood Public School needed more classroom space to accommodate the growing number of students and staff. The school board also saw a need for an auditorium to be used by both the school and the community for a variety of events. As the architect of the existing school that was built in 2009 following a devastating tornado, ICON was called upon again to provide architectural services to Northwood Public School.

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Devils Lake Public School Facilities Assessment

Devils Lake Public School District is primarily made up of classrooms, gymnasium spaces, and an auditorium that is used for various district-wide events and by the community. The District’s purpose is public education for grades K-12 during the day, but also allows for various extracurricular activities during the evenings and weekends. These activities include, but are not limited to, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, dance, concerts, school dances, and drama productions.