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Forms a Building Committee to Study Facilities

A Building Committee has been formed at the School Board’s request, a group that is representative of the community the district serves, Board Members, Administrators and Faculty. The goal of the committee is to get a balanced perspective of the challenges that are facing the school district and to address concerns set forth by the community. The group will ask tough questions, and provide recommendations to the School Board that will ensure a positive future for our school district.

Come be a part of the public meetings to hear about the project and tour the school!

Wednesday, November 15th at 7pm
Tuesday, December 5th at 7pm

Building Committee Members

Brad Enger and Toby HandlySchool Administrators: Lucas Soine and Kevin RogersTeacher’s Representative: Joel FossCommunity Members: Tom Erickson, Ben Naastad, Don Wamstad, Jeni Gibson, Dawn Pladson, Cindy Skjoiten, Ben Iverson and Sara Johnson



Hatton Public School in Hatton, North Dakota needed updates due to aging facilities and deficient learning spaces. About half of the building was approximately 100 years old. Problems that the existing building faced due to outdated facilities included: lack of adequate space to accommodate multiple programs/functions; shortage of physical education, assembly, and community fitness space; indoor air quality and lighting; and inaccessibility for special education students. The outdated building had also proven ineffective when it comes to attracting and retaining staff and students.

ICON was chosen to address the needs of the school district and design a more updated building that fosters student learning and success. With significant community support and a bond referendum vote that passed by 91%, construction began in the summer of 2018 and was able to be completed for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Additions included four new classrooms, a new music room, a new gymnasium, a new cafeteria/kitchen, and accessible special education 

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