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Design with ICON is a place for community members to check out projects ICON is currently working on across the country. It also serves as a place where current clients can find project documents and information relating to their projects.

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What We Believe

At its core, a building should serve its purpose and function efficiently for its owners and end-users; we believe that a building should never be limited by its design.


How We Design

At ICON, we believe in a collaborative design process where all parties involved have a voice. We invite our clients and other key stakeholders to engage in the design process because we know that the best outcomes result when decision-makers, community members, and end-users are well-informed, active participants.

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Our Process

At ICON, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution. Before design even begins, we take the time to understand our client’s and different stakeholder’s unique visions and goals. This can include stakeholder/community input events, staff/user group interviews and surveys, and various types of pre-design meetings. we pride ourselves on designing for our clients and delivering solutions they are proud of for years to come.



ICON Architectural Group (ICON) was founded in 2002 and has established itself as one of the mainstay architectural firms in the Upper Midwest. Our mission is to provide clients with innovative designs and effective building solutions by listening and understanding their needs and driving value, not cost. We balance upfront costs with long-term savings, and we know that a successful project not only has a great design but is built on time and budget.


​Our relationships with our clients and the individualized attention throughout the planning and design process are key to ICON’s success. We take our clients’ project goals, budget, and schedule seriously. With the ICON experience, clients receive continuous personal service from project conception through building occupancy.

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